Male Infertility – Low Sperm Count & Nil Sperm Count

Azoospermia is referred to as while there’s no sperm in semen. This kind of semen ailment is discovered in about 3% of infertile men, i.e., absent sperm. You have to understand that testis has separate functions. Production of regular sperms in semen is wanted for pregnancy & regular fertility. The different feature of the testis is the manufacturing of male hormones, i.e., testosterone & others. So in maximum sufferers with nil sperms thru semen has absent sperms still, the manufacturing of male hormones stays regular. How sperms increase: When a boy turns into 14 years of age, then L.H. & F.S.H. hormone secretion from the pituitary increases. The upward push in those hormones ends in the proliferation of sperm forming cells (Germ Cells) withinside the testis. These germ cells begin multiplying below the pituitary noted above hormones and the help of different hormones including testosterone, Growth hormones, Androstenedione, insulin-like boom factor-I, Thyroids hormone paracrine hormone & boom factors. Under the manage of the hormones noted above, germs and cells divide & converted into number one spermatocytes. Then in addition maturation of number one spermatocytes to spermatids & then subsequently into mature spermatozoa (i.e., regular sperms) takes place below the manage of the hormones noted above. After some weeks of modern maturation withinside the testis, those sperms grow to be typically motile & increase the potential to fertilize the ovum. This general sperm cycle, from the primary level to the very last level of regular mature sperm, is of 3 months. Thus to provide regular sperm testis have to have regular sperm-generating germ cells & regular regulating hormones. Any predominant quandary in growing those spermatozoa will cause absent sperm manufacturing ensuing in nil sperm.

Causes of Azoospermia or Nil Sperms

Hormone disorder: The diverse endocrine (Hormone) issues main to azoospermia are as follows (1) Hormone deficiency of pituitary gland as L.H., F.S.H., Prolactin, thyroids hormone, hypothalamic deficiency of GnRH, Pituitary gland failure, Hypopituitarism, Idiopathic hypopituitarism, Kallman syndrome, Isolated hypogonadotropic hypogonadism, Drugs, toxins, Idiopathic hypogonadotropic hypogonadism & because of many greater reasons.

(2) Obstruction in semen (Sperms) outflow from the testis to outdoor via the urethral opening. The manufacturing of sperms in testis is frequently expected, however those sperm can not pop out because of obstruction withinside the outflow tract main to absent sperms withinside the semen. The diverse reasons of obstruction are absent vas deferens, absent seminal vesicle, and posttraumatic and submit-surgical ligation of vas deferens after a few infections, including chlamydia and gonococcal urethritis. It can also be because of submit tubercular epididymal-orchitis. The sperm might also now no longer pop out of the testis if they’re immotile because of any of the subsequent reasons immotile cilia syndrome, Cartagena syndrome, cystic fibrosis & many different uncommon diseases

(3) Absence of germ cells withinside the testis, additionally known as Sertoli mobileular-handiest syndrome. There aren’t anyt any germs cells, i.e., sperm forming cells withinside the testis. For your knowledge, I desire to tell you that during testis, germ cells come to the testis from the neural twine location of the frame for the duration of the improvement of the fetus. So in a few fetuses, this migration of sperm cells does now no longer occur, main to testis handiest having testosterone forming & Sertoli cells. Thus this circumstance is known as Sertoli mobileular-handiest syndrome and is a developmental defect.

(4) Maturation Arrest (. Spermatid arrest): number one spermatocytes to secondary spermatocytes, spermatids, or mature spermatozoa. Due to many local, systemic, hormonal boom aspect deficiencies or idiopathic elements. The diverse paracrine hormones and boom elements are crucial for everyday improvement, i.e., maturation of 1 germ mobileular to the multiplication of remaining manufacturing of a couple of mature, everyday & motile sperms. Many different elements including infection, varicocele, drugs, and chemotherapy might also cause maturation arrest. The different reasons can be developmentally faulty germs cells & spermatocytes in order that they did now no longer have the inherent potential to become mature & motile sperms.

(5) Testicular issues (number one Leydig mobileular dysfunction), Chromosomal (Klinefelter syndrome and variants, XX male gonadal dysgenesis), Defects in androgen biosynthesis, Orchitis (mumps, H.I.V., different viral, ), Myotonia dystrophic, Toxins (alcohol, opiates, fungicides, insecticides, heavy metals, cottonseed oil), Drugs (cytotoxic drugs, ketoconazole, cimetidine, spironolactone)

(6) Varicocele (Grade three or greater severe): A varicocele is a varicose vein withinside the twine that connects to the testicle. (A varicose vein is abnormally enlarged and twisted.)

(7) Varicocele decreases sperm manufacturing via way of means of raising the temperature of the testis, may also produce better tiers of nitric oxide chemical withinside the testis, which blocks sperm manufacturing, varicocele damages sperms directly & ultimately varicocele lower the oxygen deliver to the testis.

(8) Presence of Antisperm antibody. These Antisperm antibodies bind with sperms & both lead them to much less motile, definitely immotile, or maybe dead, that’s known as necrospermia

(9) Trauma

(10) Environmental toxins

(11) Viral Orchitis

Note - *We are informed about Male Infertility – Low Sperm Count & Nil Sperm Count

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