Allergy Disease And Homeopathy Treatment

Many people have suffered from hypersensitive reactions at one time in our existence, and normally the excellent remedy presented become symptomatic alleviation thru avoidance of the allergen or thru medication. Homeopathy, on the alternative hand, addresses the motive of the sensitivity to allergens on the inner most feasible level; keeping off the allergen (the substance liable for the allergic reaction) or resorting to suppression of signs thru ongoing symptomatic remedy will become needless as soon as this sensitivity has been eliminated.

In this text I start with (1) a brief review of hypersensitive reactions, observed with the aid of using (2) dialogue of the traditional method, (three) the homeopathy diagnostic method and (four) the homeopathy remedy method for hypersensitive reactions.

The many varieties of allergic reaction

There are many not unusualplace materials to which humans can also additionally broaden an allergic reaction, such as:

  • Foods together with wheat (gluten), milk and dairy, seafood (shellfish), alcohol, soy, eggs, peanuts, and sure vegetables (tomatoes, potatoes, eggplants).
  • Common environmental elements together with dirt, pollen, mould, animal fur (from dogs, cats, or different pets), dirt mites, and sunlight.
  • Various herbal or artificial materials together with latex, nickel, pesticides, medicinal drugs (penicillin, sulfa capsules, and plenty of extra), venom from tremendously innocent animal stings (bees, wasps). Symptoms of allergic reaction occur on the interface among the outside international and inner environment: at the pores and skin and in mucus membranes of the breathing tract, the digestive tract, and the eyes. The irritation that outcomes reasons the numerous allergic reaction signs that lots of us are acquainted with from non-public enjoy or thru a person we know.

It ought to be cited that a number of the above materials can also additionally motive problem to many in any other case healthful humans. If that is the case and the substance is artificial or strongly changed from its herbal form (medicinal drugs, commerical wheat, genetically changed soy, etc.) then it could certainly be the substance in place of non-public sensitivity that ought to be regarded because the proper motive, and avoidance can be the maximum suitable answer in such cases.

Indeed, there are numerous materials encountered in contemporary-day existence to which we aren’t physiologically adapted. These are a common motive of intolerance signs together with intellectual fogginess, tiredness, terrible digestion, pores and skin rashes, and diarrhea. Intolerance ought to be prominent from allergic reaction with the aid of using its lesser specificity and depth of signs, and the time period may additionally consult with sure hereditary situations wherein the frame is not able to deal with particular meals additives or environmental situations for motives that don’t have anything to do with the immune machine. From the healing factor of view intolerance (besides of the hereditary type) is approached in addition to allergic reaction, even though often with extra emphasis on avoidance.

In addition, a few varieties of bronchial allergies are allergic in nature, seasonal hypersensitive reactions are often called hay fever, and a pores and skin allergic reaction normally manifests itself as hives. Whatever the precise terminology applied, the aim of homeopathic allergic reaction remedy is the strengthening of the organism at its non secular core, main to accelerated resilience of the organism. A resilient character is capable of face up to a extensive style of environments with the aid of using responding correctly to every scenario with out struggling persistent sick effects.

The traditional method to allergic reaction

The traditional method to allergic reaction includes the approach of environmental manage, wherein the affected person avoids publicity to the allergen as lots as feasible. In contrast, from the homeopathic angle the identification of the allergen isn’t always almost as crucial as every person’s particular sample of reaction to it, each on the bodily and on the mental level.

The former method is powerful in precept however has limitations. First, keeping off the allergen absolutely can be tough in especially touchy people for whom even hint quantities of allergen produce a complete-blown, or maybe existence-threatening, allergic reaction.

Second, the avoidance method doesn’t cope with the proper motive of the allergic reaction, which isn’t always the allergen however the character’s sensitivity to it. Avoidance can dispose of signs however it doesn’t quantity to proper recovery, at the least now no longer with the aid of using the stringent homeopathic standards: fitness is freedom in dealing with outside demanding situations with few limitations, while avoidance restricts the person’s freedom.

There are training of medicine normally in use for the symptomatic manage of hypersensitive reactions: antihistamines and corticosteroids. Of these, corticosteroids are the extra disruptive due to the fact they paralyze the immune machine at its root, while antihistamines interrupt the allergic reaction with out basically changing immune function.

A second-line method to extra extreme hypersensitive reactions is immunotherapy (‘allergic reaction shots’), which includes everyday injections of small quantities of the applicable allergen(s) over a protracted period (numerous months to numerous years); this ends in a sluggish desensitization of the frame to them. This method takes place to be primarily based totally on a simplified model of the homeopathic precept known as isopathy, and due to this it does now no longer disrupt homeopathic remedy (past making it tough to decide which of the 2 remedies ought to be credited with the development). This method is appropriate for many, however falls brief of the extra worldwide healing development viable thru the homeopathic method.

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Ritesh Kakale
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I was suffering from Chronic Glomerular Nephritis for 4 years. The albumin in urine was 3+. The creatinine level was fluctuating between 5 and 10. The blood urea was fluctuating between 50 and 80. I was loosing flesh day by day and became weak. I consulted many Urologists. I was given steroids and was finally asked to go on dialysis. Seeing the experience of my other friends who had similar problems, I was reluctant to go for it. In the meantime I decided to try Dr. Harshad Raval MD Homeopathic treatment. With his treatment, the creatinine and urea levels came down drastically. The albumin is now in traces. Creatinine level is 1.9. Blood urea is below 20. All this happened without steroids. The Hb level which had gone down to 6.7% has now reached above 11%. I am feeling much better. The edema on the body has considerably reduced. I don't look pale as before. I feel much energetic and able to work long hours in teaching profession. I am really thankful to DrRaval remedial approach to kidney problems.
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Mrs. Ketaki Dave
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Mrs. Lataben Vadu
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I suffering from chronic Renal failure. Allopathic doctor had diagnostic chronic renal failure. My serum creatinine is 9.3,Blood urea 101 and Hb% 8.2, My nephrology's advice me, you are doing dialysis or transplant, my relative advice me take homoeopathy treatment and suggest Dr harshad raval M.D. [Hom], I take him Under treatment for one and half years My Serum creatinine level is 1.6. Blood urea was 42, and HB% 11.7, In radiological both kidney sizes become just now normal. Later on I again refer my Nephrology for expert openion, he said hour's kidney functions become normal under homoeopathy treatment. This credit goes to Dr harshad raval, Later on I inquired Dr raval cure and treatment more then 1200 patient for kidney and cancer. This is great achievement; Really dr raval is not best but excellent homoeopath.