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International Homeopathic Training

Besides his work as director of the INTERNATIONAL HOMOEOPATHY TRAINING (IHT), Dr. HARSHAD RAVAL teaches advanced level homoeopathy at the Ahmedabad Homoeopathic Medical College (part of the Gujarat University). He also teaches at other homoeopathic colleges in India and abroad. Thanks to his outstanding medical career, Dr. HARSHAD RAVAL is currently the only homoeopathic physician; M.D. (Hom.). he serves as honourary homoeopath to His Excellency the Governor of Gujarat. To many readers, he is known as a popular columnist in a leading Gujarati newspaper.

Clinical Training

The IHT offers homoeopathic clinical training with respect to treatment of many type of acute and chronic disease like renal failure, cancer, arthritis, otitis media, skin diseases, tonsillitis, sinusitis, children and women's diseases. It is a valuable learning experience for those who want to improve their practical homoeopathic skills in short time.

This clinical training is primarily offered to doctors, paramedical persons and NRIs. A minimum contribution of around 125-150 USD per week of training, according to your financial capaclity, would be suitable. As the IHT is a non-profit organization, all income will be used for the treatment of the very poor population of Ahmedabad.

The training also includes introduction to yoga, pranayam, meditations, stree management techniques, herbal medicine, etc.


While you can arrange your own accommodations, the IHT can provide help in arrangements and make reservations for a suitable hotel near the clinic. Cost for an average room is about 15 USD per day. For your food you must budget about 8 USD per day. That takes the weekly budget to about 150 USD. The only other costs you will have to bear are the air ticket from your country to Ahmedabad. Other unexpected costs in India will be very minimal.


The clinic is located in the center of Ahmedabad (Gujarat, India), easily accessible by taxi from the airport. Temperature is on average about 35 C. Besides suitable clothing, valid passport etc., no other special things like vaccinations are required.

Batch Schedule

Training is offered during first two weeks of every month. Interested candidates should contact the office.

Other more training

In Training, we give you free learning to our student-to-student, yoga, meditations, pranayam, Herbal medicine, etc

If you would like to come to Ahmedabad and follow the "daily life" of a Classical Homeopath to get some clinical experience, then feel free to write to us. Tell us a few things about yourself, and when you would like to come.

More inquiry should write to or click here

International Homeopathy Instituted Past Student Comments

"I am very much interest in study IHI homoeopathy class and I was immediately impressed by his wholehearted dedication to the practice of International homoeopathy instituted run by leading Dr harshad raval; also by his diligent thoroughness and the vigor with which he approaches all aspects of the subject. His insistence on inductive, logical reasoning is a consistent feature of his teaching as also is the breadth and scope of his learning."

Mr Prasant Jain, New- York, U.S.A.

"I want to firstly express my heartfelt “Thank You” for the time I have spent here in India. It was in many ways the most educational and beneficial time for me.

Speaking of further education, the course of homoeopathy was very very valuable for me. Since I am having a center in classical homoeopathy center in Australia and offering to my homoeopathy patents I have learnt so many new applications that I can hardly wait to put them in practice.

Also to freshen up the concept of theory was of great interest and value to me. Having done my initial studies with another academy showed me the priceless value of the teachings done by you,. Harshad These theories are so easy to be put into practice and I am more than grateful for everything you conveyed to me. These studies have been produced in a manner refreshing and most interesting, mostly because I had the opportunity to put the theory immediately into practice.

The patients I had the chance to check and diagnose and then also do the treatment, gave me confidence to go on in a more detailed manner in my own practice. Thank you so much Dr harshad raval for giving so much of yourself and knowledge. The time here in India will always be the most precious for me."

Mrs. Dpaera D’costa, Veterinary homoeopathy doctor, Australia

"Dr. Raval is one of the clearest teachers I know. I particularly appreciate his concern to show what is concrete and observable in each patient's story: his phenomenological approach. This makes case analysis and rubric selection a logical process. I first met Dr. Harshad over three years ago. His work has been a key influence on my practice and teaching. I've no hesitation in recommending his teaching to students and practitioners."

Dr P. Krishamurty, London, U.K.

"Dr Raval is well experienced a genuine approach which means more to me than that found in the teaching of other international teachers who don't seem to have that. I was privileged to enjoy a week of Dr raval teaching here in the some years ago. The quality of his material is immediately obvious, his approach to sharing it gentle and supportive - not only has this event stayed with me ever since, I also find myself using what he had to offer every day in clinic."

Miss Bharati Nathani, MD[Homoeopathy –final years student]

"After completion of this program alone does not leads to a license to practice homoeopathy."