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Information about Skin Disease


Homeopathy treatment for any disease is essentially based in the understanding of 'treat the patient and not the disease'. Well, when you treat the patient as a whole, the disease gets automatically treated at a deeper level. That is what precisely happens when one undergoes
homeopathic treatment for eczema, where the chances of relapse are minimized after a through treatment.

Eczema is a non-contagious and topical common condition of the skin that causes rapid skin cell reproduction resulting in red, dry patches of thickened skin. The dry flakes and skin scales are thought to result from the buildup of the rapid production of skin cells

Eczema is curable with homeopathy. Acute, chronic and recurring eczema find great long-term treatment in homeopathy. The homeopathy treatment of eczema, any skin disease for that matter, is with oral medicines. Homeopathy does not believe in local treatment with creams. The local treatment with creams and lotions is temporary. Homeopathy does not believe in treating eczema with creams, ointment or lotions. We have found local treatment temporary and suppressive.

The homeopathic approach in selecting the medicine is technically called 'The Constitutional Approach', whereby a wide range of questions are asked to the patient and based on the analysis and evaluation of various symptoms, a remedy is selected for the individual case. Homeopathic treatment is 'individual specific and not disease specific.
Skin disorders are often the end result of inner, emotional stresses. Very aptly, homoeopathy does not believe in treating skin diseases with local ointment or creams. We believe in treating skin diseases by oral medicines only, which go deep into the system and cure from within.

Lichen Planus

Itchy outbreak of small, shiny, purplish - red lumps often on arms and legs, but occasionally on scalp causing hair loss; can also lead to nail deformities, or cause white lacy patterns inside mouth. Cause is not known, but majority of people affected are over 40 condition is harmless, if annoying, and onsets suddenly, with spots fading to brown before disappearing Conventionally treated with steroid tablets or ointment. Constitutional homeopathic treatment is recommended if condition recurs, as it sometimes does once steroid treatment stops- however, the remedies below should be tried first.

Remedy of first resort, whether condition is acute or chronic Sulphur iod. 6c Rash burns and itches Arsenicum 6c Outbreak worse on face and neck, spots feel prickly and itchy Juglans 6c Undressing makes itching worse Rumex 6c

Urticaria (nettle, rash)

Raised red patches or weals, sometimes with paler areas in centre, which cause intense itching can be caused by food allergy (to shellfish, strawberries, nuts, etc.), food additives, certain drugs scratching, insect bites, and extreme stree.; in people with sensitive skin, heat, cold, or sunlight may raise weals. It has suggested that persistent urticaria may be a symptom of toxocariasis, carried by family pets. Therefore de-worm animals regularly, keep strays off your kitchen garden and be careful to wash your hands before meals.

Regardless of the cause stress and tension usually make condition worse. Conventional treatment is by antihistamines. In a few cases, eyes, lips, and throat may swell leading to suffocation; this is an emergency situation, give sulpher6c every minute until help arrives. If, after avoiding known causes, condition recurs constitutional homeopathic treatment would be worthwhile.

Boils and Carbuncles

Skin Infections of the hair follicles, usually the work of Staphylococcus bacteria, also responsible of Food poisoning, a carbuncle is a particularly large boil or close-knit group of boils sited somewhat deeper in the dermis than the average boil. As white cells attack bacteria, thick white or yellow pus accumulates, causing pain and swelling, and boil develops a head, after a day or two boil either bursts or slowly reduces and heals.

Recurrent boils can be a symptom of Diabetes. Orthodox treatment is antibiotics and, if necessary, lancing. Homeopathic treatment is constitutional, but specific remedies can be used to relieve pain and swelling.

Boil in early stage, Skin very red and tender Belladonna 30c If boil weeps easily and is sensitive to the slightest touch, or to bring boil to a head Hepar Sulph. 6c To cleanse a boil which has burst, or to help heal a boil which has been slow to develop and slow to disperse Silicea 6c Skin over boil bluish, blistered, and very angry looking, with a black centre Anthracinum 6c Skin over boil burning hot, aggravated by application of heat Arsenicum 6c Boil weeps but causes little pain Gunpowder 6c

Cracks and Fissures

For reasons which are not fully understood but which are generally labeled 'constitutional', some people are prone to cracked lips, fingertips, etc. If the recommended remedies do not improve matters, constitutional homeopathic treatment should be sought.

Cracks at corner of mouth, skin rough and red Petroleum 6c Cracking in folds of skin, especially if complicated by fungal infection in areas which are kept warm and moist, skin dirty-looking and very itchy, symptoms aggravated by washing Sulphur 6c Cracking in nostrils, on lips, behind ears, on nipples, or on fingertips Graphites 6c Cracking worse in winter, person overweight, chilly and sweaty Calcarea 6c Cracks on finger tips become deeper in cold weather and are slow to heal, sweaty hands and feet Silicea 6c

Results with Homeopathy

Over the period of over 200 years, the practitioners of homeopathy in all over the world have observed consistent and promising results with Eczema. The success rate broadly may be figured in the range or 70 to 80%. The duration of treatment depends of the factors such as the chronicity, extent and the past medication. Over all, one may observe positive changes in the eczema lesions within about 3 to 5 months, without any local ointment.

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